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Have you lost your funds due to binary options scams,cryptocurrency scamsand other forms of scams?, This is the best platform to recover your funds in due time.

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Our customer care is empathetic because we understand how saddening losing money can be. 

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Our team is made up of industry professionals who know exactly how to get your money back in the shortest time-frame. Our goal here is simple, we will fight for your rights and get your money back from online trading scams, fast. We use highly targeted and strategic methods which allows us to take back control and expose their flaws, making us almost unbeatable.
Our years of expertise grant you the highest success rate of 88%.

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What we offer :

Our Services

Check Below Some of the Services We Offer You

Our team of experts ride on actionable intelligence from different and reliable sources to ensure that your money and assets return to you the rightful owner

Our team includes forensic experts who employ modern and cutting-edge technology in recovering your funds tracking down PayPal,Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, Wire Transfers, and all other forms of payments.

We tread safe by examining and analysing every option with eagle’s eyes so that the risks involved are minimized as much as possible. Our experts know when to stay on the ropes and when to go all out!

Our Approach

How We Work

Contact Us

You want to recover money you lost, then the first step is to contact us and give us details of how you were scammed and we will respond with an email in  no time

Claims Assessment

We access your claim through the email sent to us and reply you in no time as to the possibility of recovering your funds and other things that we require from you.

Recovery Of Funds

After accessing your claim and reviewing the possibility of funds being recovered, we take necessary steps to ensure that your funds are recovered in the most hassle-free way.


Here’s what some of our clients have to say

“My Husband and I were also taken in by Binary Uno for a good amount of New Zealand dollars I managed to get in touch with myrefunds.org and got back all of our money. We have no hesitation in recommending myrefunds.org, They certainly know what they are doing.”
Jan Masters
“I cannot thank myrefunds.org enough for her wonderful support and encouragement after 10 months of high stress. myrefunds.org made me feel so much better about myself after being sucked into this horrendous scam and losing almost $65k USD. They helped to recover most of my money. I highly recommend "myrefunds.org”
Jane Wilcox
“After making a massive mistake and believing this scam scam binary company had me invest, After daily phone calls for a month or more i sent them a larger sum near 50k in total then all contact immediately ceased and I could’nt access my investment. Fortunately got in contact with myrefunds.org and i had my money back in my account. Big thank you to myrefunds.org”

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Dan Ellis

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